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About the Firm

Marketing Impressions, LLC
Creative Concepts for Business Development, TM

Marketing Impressions was created to fill a gap in the medical industry. Many physicians recognize the need for field and digital marketing and don’t know where to start.

From market analysis to strategy development and execution, we specialize in all the services that will help you build your business and increase growth and revenue.

About the Founder

Kelly is currently leading Marketing Impressions after twenty years of gaining valuable experience in sales, marketing and advertising through private practice consultation, two Fortune 500 companies and one Fortune 100 company.

Kelly utilizes her comprehensive educational background, participation in Division I athletics, extensive work experience in sales, marketing and advertising to help businesses succeed.

Kelly worked her way up the ladder from a clinical specialist in the medical device world to the Marketing Manager for the Western US. She developed and launched a program that generated 50M in revenue in less than 2 years.

Kelly now helps her clients meet and exceed their growth goals with a multitude of options customized for each client.

Kelly Citron, MBA


Success is not a destination, it’s a journey!

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